With GreenFree e-vouchers, you can play golf at 172 golf courses with greenfee discounts up to 50%. Direct online advantage… It couldn’t be easier!

Search for participating golf courses.

  • Find one near you or take a look at our highlighted golf courses. GreenFree e-Vouchers are accepted at more than a hundred golf courses.

Purchase a GreenFree subscription.

  • Purchase a GreenFree subscription. Each subscription (Bronze/Silver/Gold)        contains a number of e-vouchers
  • Book your tee time.
  • Download the chosen GreenFree e-Voucher.

Play golf and save money.

  • Redeem your e-Voucher at the golf course.
How does it work?
Register your account and choose a subscription with the desired amount of credits. With these credits you can download GreenFree vouchers. Each voucher is registered and the benefit to be obtained is described exactly. You receive the described benefit direct by redeeming your GreenFree voucher at the golfcourse.
How do I get a GreenFree e-Voucher?
You must be a GreenFree subscriber to download a GreenFree voucher online.
How do I become a GreenFree Member?
by registering here as a GreenFree Member.
What is a friends voucher
You can e-mail a friend’s voucher to someone else so he/she can use it without you being present. Depending on the subscription you can give away one or more vouchers to friends. This can be at the expense of your limit on some courses. So if the limit (the number of rounds you can play with a voucher on a golf course per year) is set to 5. It means: use of voucher 5 times a year. If you give a voucher for this certain golfcourse to friends, this will be at the expense of this limit that you have for this golfcourse. The use of a friends voucher is at the expense of the limit associated with the account.
How do I pay for my GreenFree subscription?
When ordering online and using the order form, we ask you to give an authorization. The amount will be debited from your account within 7 days.
Why do I receive a high discount on my greenfee through GreenFree?
Because GreenFree brings supply and demand together. It is interesting for the affiliated golf courses to welcome new players and for players to get acquainted with a new course at a reduced rate.
How often can I use a GreenFree e-Voucher?
Each GreenFree e-Voucher is valid once. However, you can use GreenFree e-Vouchers on different golf courses as often as you wish. Some courses have a maximum number of rounds per year that you can use a GreenFree e-Voucher, so check the information on the website.
How to become GreenFree Subscriber?
by registering here and making a choice from the desired GreenFree plan.
Download GreenFree e-Voucher
To download GreenFree e-Vouchers: Go to Log in with username and password. Your name appears on the left side of the screen. Then click on “golf course map” or “golf course list”. Select the desired location and click “your greenfree discount” tab. At the bottom right you see a button “download your greenfree voucher”. Then click on “download voucher” (at the bottom of the page). After confirmation you will automatically receive the voucher by e-mail. The relevant golf course receives a copy. Then, call or email the golf course, reserve a teetime and start playing. At the reception you show the voucher (on your mobile or printed) and redeem the voucher via the checkout link in the email or QR code on the voucher.
Is it possible to use a GreenFree e-Voucher on weekends and public holidays?
On some courses it is also possible to use a GreenFree e-Voucher on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Check the website for an up-to-date overview of possible playing days.
How do I receive the current discount?
You will receive the discount when you pay the golfcourse where the e-voucher will be redeemed.
How many GreenFree vouchers do I need?

You need 1 GreenFree voucher per deal (2for1, 25% discount, 4for3 etc). Voucher is in the name of the holder. In case of 2for1 or 4for3, the other flight companions can also make use of the deal without needing a voucher or having a subscription with us. So with a 2for1 you can take any person you want. For example, if the deal involves a 25% discount; the discount only applies to the holder.

How does payment of a reserved tee time take place?

You pay at the relevant golf course. The discount will be settled there immediately on presentation of your GreenFree e-Voucher. Or in some cases you pay your greenfee in advance directly to GreenFree after receiving a payment request. This applies to Loonsche Duynen, Almkreek and Hoge Dijk, among others.

How can I cancel my subscription?

During the first subscription period you can cancel at any time, but there is no refund for the remaining months of the calendar year. After this first period you can cancel at any time with due observance of a cancellation period of one month. GreenFree will refund the subscription fee for the remaining number of months of the year in question, as soon as your request for termination of the GreenFree Subscription has been received by post or email from GreenFree.
If we have received your cancellation in good order, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you do not have this confirmation, this means that the cancellation has not arrived us.

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In addition to your name, also include address / email / ID. We would appreciate it if you give a brief description of reason for cancellation.

How long is a GreenFree e-Voucher valid?

A GreenFree e-Voucher is valid for at least 30 days after downloading. There are also special GreenFree-vouchers in circulation that are valid until the stated end date.

Why is there a difference in the discounts?
In some months golfcourses are generally better occupied than in other. All GreenFree locations can choose from one or a combination of the GreenFree discounts (2 = 1/3 = 2 or 4 = 3, a percentage or a cash discount). With a GreenFree e-Voucher, we provide the courses tools to strive for optimum course utilization. Yield management in optima forma!
We want the two of us joining GreenFree. My partner is already a member, can I become a member at his/her subscription?

The GreenFree subscription is personal. We do, however, have a special partner / family membership rate. Please contact us.

How do I get a GreenFree e-Voucher?
You must be a GreenFree subscriber to download a GreenFree e-Voucher online.

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