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When you use our products and services, we,, may collect information from and about you. This includes data that you provide to us when you sign up for a subscription or information that we collect when you use our (mobile) websites, apps, web stores and other services, such as online promotions, events and promotions, contests and loyalty programs.

 We do this in order to continuously improve our products and services based on the insights we obtain (including by tailoring them better to your needs). In addition, we do this for commercial reasons (to gain better insight into the products and services that you as a user are interested in).

 You can read here, among other things, how we handle information concerning you, how and what information we (can) collect and for what purposes we (can) use it. In addition, this document contains information about how you can access your data, how you can change or delete your data, and who the (possible) recipients of this data are.



 This privacy and cookie policy applies to the processing of data by GREENFREE.COM. (hereinafter: “GREENFREE”) and by its subsidiaries. GreenFree is responsible for the processing of personal data.



 With this privacy and cookie policy we want to give you clarity about how we handle your data. If you have any questions about this document, or the processing of data (request for access, change or deletion of data), you can ask them by e-mail to



You are not obliged to disclose your personal data when you purchase a product or service from us. You have the choice at all times whether you want to enter your personal data or not. However, to be able to use some of our products and services, it is necessary to enter personal data.



For example, if you take out a subscription or buy a product, we need your data to deliver the product to you and to invoice the subscription. If you want to receive a newsletter, we need at least a working e-mail address (by e-mail you will be asked to confirm the request to create an account).

If you are asked to enter your data, it will be indicated which data is necessary to be able to use the service (and must therefore be entered), the other data is therefore optional.


TYPES OF DATAWhen offering products and services, we can process (personal) data from subscribers to our subscriptions, from customers and from visitors/users of our (mobile) websites, apps, web stores and other services, such as online promotions, events and promotions, contests and savings and loyalty programs. It differs per product/service whether, and if so, which (personal) data we can process.

Roughly speaking, there are five ways in which we (can) collect (personal) data:

 Purchase/delivery of products (e.g. subscription): the personal data that you have provided to us yourself are processed; such as name, address and place of residence (for the purpose of the delivery), financial data such as your bank account number (for the purpose of payment), and the knowledge that you have used that specific product/service (and therefore apparently interested in it) );

Creating a (GreenFree) account on a (mobile) website or in an app: this involves processing the personal data that you provide to us when you created the account/to which you have given us access (when using a social login); such as your e-mail address and (user) name;

Requesting products/services via our (mobile) websites and apps (for example requesting an e-mail newsletter): information is processed that you yourself have provided to us via the website; such as your email address;

Use of our (mobile) websites and apps: information is processed about your use of those (mobile) websites and apps, such as the pages and websites visited within our network, the advertisements that have been shown and the advertisements you have clicked. We can deduce your possible interests from that information;

Use of our apps: (personal) data is processed that you have entered via the app, or information to which you have given us access (such as location data).

This data therefore ranges from personal data, such as name, e-mail address, address and telephone number (data on the basis of which you can be directly identified), to information that may relate to you, but on the basis of which you cannot directly or indirectly can be identified. This privacy and cookie policy looks at the way in which we handle all this data.



New. The above is a summary of the data we may collect. However, this does not mean that we actually request and store them everywhere. For example, one service may need your e-mail address, while another does not use your e-mail address, but does, for example, use your location. For example, if you subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, we generally do not need much more than your e-mail address, your name and possibly your gender (to personalize the e-mails).

This also applies to the collection of data about your actual use of our (mobile) websites and apps. For example, some of our apps only use data about your use of the app to improve it, while other apps also use information about the use of the app to show you targeted advertisements. 

With regard to a number of types of data, a more detailed explanation is given below (data collected on the basis of cookies, GreenFree account and location data). 

Finally, your data may in some cases be combined by us with data collected in the context of your purchase or use of various of our products or services (and/or products or services of our group companies) or with information obtained from external sources . On the basis of all this data, we draw up a profile so that we can serve you better and tailor the content of these products and services (including websites and offerings) even better to your interests.


Information may be linked to your online profile and/or subscription information, so that we can better tailor our own products and services to your needs, as well as use your interests and preferences on our websites. 

When you fill in a registration form on one of our websites, we can add the information you have entered to the cookie with which we measure your use of our online services. We do not combine all the data you have entered with the online usage information, but we do combine data such as your age, gender and zip code. In that case, this data is used to build an online profile.

The enrichment of the subscription data mainly aims to be able to offer our own (subscription) products to you as a reader/subscriber in a more targeted way.

Finally, information from external sources may be added to the data as we have processed yours. This concerns demographic data that we can obtain from parties.

If you object to the exchange and combination of your personal data within GreenFree, you can report this via (or see further contact details under ‘Contact’).



In principle yes, with some exceptions. 

When it comes to data that is necessary to provide you with a subscription, for example, or that we have to keep for tax reasons, we do not have a separate system for each company to store this data. We only have one system and can therefore not separate this data. As a result, this data is also exchanged with group companies.



We collect and process personal data for the following purposes, including via the (mobile) websites operated by us:

 for the establishment and implementation of an agreement concluded with you;

 to offer you the agreed services, products and/or information and to adapt them to your needs and wishes;

 to enable you to post and exchange information on one of the websites, or to contact other users if the website offers such opportunity;

if it is a paid service/product, to invoice. We never publish financial data on a website, nor are we made available to third parties for purposes other than executing the agreement. If payment is not made for our products or services, we can, for example, transfer the claim to third parties, such as a collection agency;

 to make targeted offers, e.g. via e-mail. For example, an advertisement may also be shown on a website or in an app for a product that we suspect may be of interest to you on the basis of data processed by us. In the context of the optimization of making offers, we can draw up a profile of you;

to send you a newsletter, offer, user information, service message or other electronic message;

we can rent (name and address) data to third parties who can offer you products, services or information (see further under ‘Sharing and disclosing personal data’);

to analyze, maintain, optimize and secure our (mobile) websites, apps and associated technologies and to prevent fraud;

to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to us and to handle disputes and to have audits or audits performed;   

to conduct market research and to compile management information for product and service development and for determining the (general) strategy;

Not all data is always processed for the same purposes. For example, some data is only kept for billing purposes or for the purpose of providing the requested service, while other data can be used both for analyzing and improving the use of our websites and for making a targeted offer.

In principle, we keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the above purposes, or to comply with legal (storage) obligations.


In principle, we maintain a term of two years after the end of the customer relationship for the use of the data that we process. For example, if you receive e-mails with promotions and offers from GreenFree and services because you are or have been a customer of GreenFree, you will continue to receive them up to two years after termination of the subscription. If you receive e-mails with promotions and offers of GreenFree products and services because you have registered for them, you will continue to receive them until you unsubscribe.

Transaction data (data relating to the purchase/sale of a product) must in many cases be kept longer for tax reasons. 

However, there are also data that we use over a shorter period of time due to their relevance or sensitivity.



We may exchange personal data processed by us with the subsidiaries mentioned above under the heading ‘Processing by GreenFree’ and combine them with data processed by these (subsidiary) companies. For a further explanation, see above under ‘Types of data’. If you object to this, you can report this to (or see further contact details under ‘Contact’).

Your address details (name, street, house number, postal code and/or telephone number) can also be provided to carefully selected third parties for sending information and offers by telephone and/or by post (including ‘list rental’). We may select these third parties based on the information we have collected about your product purchase, internet behavior and/or subscriptions. These third parties will then use your information to make you offers that they expect will match your interests. If you do not appreciate that information or offers, we will block your data if you so request. To do so, please contact (or see further contact details under ‘Contact’).


Only if you have given us (unambiguous) permission to do so, we can send you information and offers from third parties about their products and services by e-mail. Such information and offers will always be sent from GreenFree.


For the purpose of the targeted purchase of online advertising space, we can offer third parties (advertisers) the opportunity to use the segments in which we have classified visitors (on the basis of the personal data collected by us). For example, an advertiser can indicate that his ad should only be shown to women in the 20-35 age group. In this way, the advertiser can advertise in a targeted manner – without actually receiving the data itself (incidentally, the advertiser is hereby also contractually prohibited from collecting the data (in)directly). Advertisers can use this on our websites, but also outside of it. 

In special cases, we may make personal data available to third parties without your permission. Special cases include lawful requests from authorities, subpoenas or court orders, acts to detect or prevent damage or fraud, or acts to ensure the security of our network and services.

We can also provide personal data to so-called processors who, on our behalf, deliver products or services to you at your request, whereby (unless otherwise indicated) your personal data will only be used for the performance of that delivery obligation. These processors are not entitled to use this data for their own purposes. 

Finally, we may share certain anonymized data with third parties, such as the number of users who searched for a particular search term, or how many users clicked on a particular ad. You cannot be identified from this information.


Where we offer functionalities on our websites that require the use of an account/login, we use one uniform login: the GreenFree account. With these GreenFree account(s) we try to make logging in to our digital services even easier. For example, you can log in to all our digital services with one login and password, so that you no longer have to think of and remember a new login name and password for each service. We aim to further facilitate the use of our services. In addition, it is also much clearer for you as a user which data is shared and used between our various services. Incidentally, it is not mandatory to use the same account everywhere, you can also create a separate account per service if you prefer that for whatever reason. 

Using one account makes it possible for us to tailor our products and services even better to your needs and interests. The same account everywhere enables us to (better) keep track of your use of our products and services. Both across different services and across different devices. We will hereby record information about your interests and preferences linked to your account (profile). In the My Account environment of the GreenFree account you can see which data we store about you for commercial purposes for these possible purposes. 

The GreenFree account also gives us the opportunity (when you log in on both your mobile and/or tablet and on your computer with the same account) to assign your mobile/tablet and desktop to one user. In that case, we can link any cookie we use on your mobile to the cookie we use on desktop to keep track of your use of our website(s). This makes it possible to apply preferences set on your computer to your mobile and, for example, also prevent you from showing an advertisement that you have already seen several times on your computer on your mobile. If you do not want this, you can disable (profiling) cookies on your desktop or on your mobile/tablet. In principle it is sufficient to disable these cookies on one of the two devices (since there is no longer any data on one of the two devices to link to). In the future you will be able to adjust these (and other) privacy settings directly in your account.


Cookies are simple small text files that are stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer/mobile/tablet. Cookies cannot damage your computer or the files on it. Both we and advertisers and intermediaries can use cookies on our websites. Below is an overview of the cookies that we can use ourselves.

Cookies allow you to be recognized on our websites when you visit them again. For example, we use cookies to:

keep track of which products you have in your shopping cart or to record the preferences you have set for a particular service or web page;

for statistical purposes. Among other things, to be able to see how often a website is visited, through which website(s) visitors have come to our website(s) and which pages on a website are visited;

to better tailor pages on the websites you visit to your needs and interests, to prevent you from seeing certain information too often and to register how often a page is displayed.


We use session cookies and unique-id cookies (short and long life). 

Session cookies: these are automatically deleted when you close your internet browser. This allows us, for example, to keep track of which advertisements you have seen on our websites within one session and thus prevent you from seeing certain advertisements multiple times within a session. 

Unique-id cookies (long life): these are used to recognize an internet user as a unique visitor. This cookie has a lifespan of one year on most of our websites, which means that it automatically disappears if you do not visit any of our websites for more than one year. This is especially important for statistical purposes: for example, we can see over longer periods how many individual visitors have visited a website. 

Unique-id cookies (temporary): these temporary cookies record your surfing behavior on our websites for a maximum of ninety days. When you contact one of our websites before the ninety-first day, the data from day one will disappear from the cookie. The information obtained through these cookies is automatically deleted 180 days after your last visit. 

If you have disabled cookies via your browser settings, there is a chance that certain functions will not work or that you will not be able to use certain services. In any case, you will then see the cookie information bar on every page, since our websites will then not be able to save (in a cookie) that you have visited the website before and may have even made a choice between accepting or not accepting cookies. 

As mentioned earlier, we may exchange personal data processed by us with group companies and combine your personal data with data collected in connection with your purchase or use of our products or services (or products or services of group companies). This also applies to surfing data collected via cookies. 

You can also accept or refuse cookies from certain parties within a certain category. For example, you can opt out of the placement of cookies by Google and its group companies at


We maintain at all times a level of security in the processing of personal data that is sufficient in view of the state of the art to prevent unauthorized access to, modification, disclosure or loss of personal data. This includes both technical and organizational measures (such as encryption of data, access control to our locations, and a limited group of employees who have access to the data, and so on). 


Not yet 16 years old? Then ask your parents for permission to use our products and services. Let them read this privacy and cookie policy.

In the interest of the child, the parent(s) or legal representative(s) of children under the age of 16 must read this privacy and cookie policy and can object to the processing of the child’s personal data instead of the child. or request correction of personal data or give permission for the use of electronic contact details, such as an e-mail address, for sending information and offers from third parties about their products and services.


We believe it is important to be transparent about how we handle your personal data. With this privacy and cookie policy we try to offer you clarity and transparency. If you nevertheless have questions about how we handle your personal data, please contact us at (or see further contact details under ‘Contact’). 

If you want to know which personal data we have recorded about you, if you want to change or have data changed or deleted in accordance with the applicable regulations, you can send an e-mail to (or see further contact details under ‘ Contact’). You can also indicate that you no longer wish to provide your personal data to group companies or to third parties, to combine your personal data into a profile, or to use your data to make targeted offers or to send an e-mail. or receive mail of information and offers. 

As soon as possible after receipt of your request to do so, we will inform you whether and how, and if not why not, we will grant your request.


This privacy and cookie policy is subject to change. Please check this page regularly to see if any changes have been made. If we make material changes, we will provide a more prominent notice, for example via our websites or by email.



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This privacy and cookie policy was last modified on May 25, 2021.

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